Pancakes ( crepe )

What is the high-quality pancake we see always in these films? Small and sweet pieces of dough. We will inform you about the American pancake recipe at present. That you could make it as candy or salty according to your taste.

Probably the most wonderful meal of the day is breakfast. But most of all on Sunday. Sunday breakfast is also fun as good. We’re in no hurry, we can spread as so much as we would like. The family is on the table. This week, who, the place, with whom, what can we get answers to questions. Probably the most attractive a part of Sunday breakfast, what we can’t to find time to cook and consume within the week, take place on the desk. So, the breakfast, which starts late than typical, can be prolonged.

Let’s have a pancake on your desk. There is no offer, no insistence. Now we have perpetually pointed out breakfast, but it may be eaten any time of day, sweet or savory pancakes. Which you can even do some pastry with the predominant foods. You are able to do it for breakfast, then you can come to a decision what you are able to do. We’re sincerely gonna make a basic cake dough. You might call it effortless pancake. However the measurement and consistency of the substances is rather different. And not to bake in the pan.

Ingredients for pancakes

2 cups of milk
2 eggs
1 teaspoon of sugar
three cups flour
1 packet of vanilla
1 packet of baking powder
Oil to be used during cooking. In case you have a compatible ceiling, you can also now not need it at all.

Let’s start making pancakes!

You’ll whisk eggs, salt and sugar first. No mixer needed, only a easy wire whisk. There’s no have got to whisk the egg so long and whiten the egg, stir for 1-2 minutes rapidly. Then add the milk and stir. Add flour, baking soda and vanilla and mix except there are no lumps. Now not strong, but a darker mixture than cake dough. There must be a thickness in order that it does no longer spread when it comes into contact with the hot pan.


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